Our team is built around five core values that drive our business forward.

They are fundamental components that define our practice, guide our decisions and dictate our day-to-day operations.

Ultimately, these values outline our dedication to serving you.


Understanding where you are in your life today matters.

Both in life and with your financials, you are on a journey. That journey will include elements like buying a home, having children, starting a business and more. Just as financials impact your life, life impacts how you approach your money. They are fundamentally linked. 

Know you are working with a team who has insights beyond the numbers.

Our commitment to you is more than just helping manage your accounts. With us, it’s personal. We are helping you shape your financial future. That starts with appreciating where you are today.


After we understand where you are, we work together to define where you are going.

This starts by digging into the details. We put together a comprehensive overview of your entire financial picture. Everything that plays into your financial picture gets taken into account. This includes 401k plans, assets under other management, real estate investments and more.

From there, together we build a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Personal wealth should give you the opportunity to pursue your passions, achieve your goals and realize your dreams. We are genuinely invested in helping clients do just that. Which is why we engage on such a personal level.



Intelligence starts with research.

There are few wealth management firms that match our dedication to research. This is because we are committed to having the most informed team available to guide your investments. We don’t believe in guesswork. Every decision is based off of concrete facts built from in-depth research.

When you work with Manning Wealth Management, you are supported by an entire team of specialists.

Our advisors are constantly ensuring they have the most up-to-date information to serve you. Additionally, we leverage an entire network of advisors. Within that network there is an entire team dedicated solely to research.

Know that when we give recommendations, they are based upon extensive research. 


Our business is built on relationships. This is why we pride ourselves on earning and maintaining the trust of our clients. If we aren’t instilling complete confidence, we haven’t done our job.

We prioritize earning and keeping your trust through:

  • Understanding your unique financial picture;
  • Valuing your goals;
  • Maintaining complete transparency;
  • Providing ample resources to address your needs;
  • Ensuring you understand your investments.

Our job is to give you the power and confidence to move through life’s transitions. We do this through building a foundation of trust. 



We view our relationship with clients as a lifetime commitment.

This takes a day in day out dedication to the big picture as well as the here and now. Through extreme discipline, we are continuously working to help you achieve your goals by:

  • Regularly giving you accurate and detailed information;
  • Dedicating time and resources to consistent research;
  • Measuring current progress against long-term goals.

Being your financial partner is a 10-30 year plus commitment. We take that responsibility to heart.