At Manning Wealth Management, life comes first.

Your financial wellbeing goes far beyond just money. It defines how you are able to navigate life’s transitions. From college planning, to retirement, to purchasing a house, to estate planning and more, money is tied to almost every major life decision.

That’s why we view ourselves as more than just your financial advisor. We want to be your partner.

Our job is to give you the confidence and freedom to move through life’s phases with ease. Together, we can set and achieve goals that pave the way for a rewarding and meaningful life.

These are the key components of our philosophy, ensuring that life comes first. 

Relationships Matter

Relationships are the cornerstone of our business. 

We care deeply about the aspirations, goals and challenges that our clients have. Our dedication to valuing you as person shapes the way we approach your investments. You are more than a number. We appreciate where you are today, and value where you want to go.

By putting you first, we are able to identify your goals and move you closer to them.

Transparency Builds Trust

You should know how your investments are structured, where fees are built in, and what risks you are taking.

We are dedicated to being as transparent and open as possible. Our advisors outline realistic expectations and identify potential risks. We encourage you to meet with us regularly to be constantly in the know about your financial picture. We also show you side-by-side charts stating fees.

It is your right to understand the elements of your investment. We work every day to make that a reality.


Financial Confidence

Knowledge is power.

When you understand your financial picture, you have the confidence to move forward. We know that many elements to investing and wealth management can be challenging to comprehend. That’s why we are so committed to ensuring you understand the elements and potential risks with your investments.

We are dedicated to providing the resources you need to make educated decisions by having:

  • Expert advisors to work with you
  • Periodic reviews
  • Research teams to investigate best options

Holistic Viewpoint

Not all of life’s goals are built around traditional investments. 

Investing capital into a growing business, saving for a house, creating an endowment fund or paying for college all play into your financial picture. We’re committed to understanding, and becoming involved in, every aspect of your financial journey.

Additionally, many individuals prefer to have assets divided between different advisors. We respect that. We help you put together a full-spectrum view of your assets. This lays the foundation to make better and more informed decisions.

Your financial picture is not just about money. It’s about shaping your life in a meaningful way. That is what holistic means to us.