Market Update for the Month Ending October 31, 2017

Treats, not tricks, for markets

Better-than-expected economic data in the U.S. and positive corporate earnings news lifted the major market indices in October. The S&P 500 Index returned 2.33 percent, the Nasdaq Composite popped 3.61 percent, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 4.44 percent.

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Building a Solid Asset Protection Plan

Although commonly associated with multimillion-dollar offshore trusts, asset protection planning takes many forms, for every type of individual. It starts with building a foundation of protection and may progress to more complex strategies.

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Why Should You Consider Long-Term Care Insurance?

Living a long life is likely; planning for it is a necessity. Most people envision themselves living a long life. They invest for a financially secure retirement and plan to spend those years doing the things they enjoy most. As part of your financial planning process, it’s important to understand how needing long-term care may affect your assets, your family, and your future. The cost of an uncovered long-term care event can range from tens of thousands to more than a million dollars, so it makes financial sense to manage that risk.

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